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Fall 2014 IFC Recruitment Events


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Greek Kick-Off w/ Dr. Lori Hart # 
Greek 101 #
Club Recruitment Day #
IFC Room Rotations #
The X Gym *
Meet & Greet *
Hooters *
Meet IFC Night #
Hackler Driving Range *
Woods Pavilion Cookout / Volleyball *
NFL Sunday *
Pre-Interview Dinner *
Interviews *
Bid Day #


8:00 pm
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6 - 9pm


HTC Center
Wheelwright Auditorium
Prince Lawn
Wall Building
Prince Lawn
Prince Lawn
CCU- Woods Pavilion

All events denoted with a * are exclusively with the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
All events denoted with a # are events recruitment events sponsored by CCU Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

If you have any questions regarding any Recruitment Events, please contact our External Vice President, Dexter Maple, at 803-673-7051

For those interested in joining Pi Kappa Phi, please feel free to fill out the New Member Interest Form.
While many students across the nation enjoyed their summer months working or going on vacation, one brother of the Eta Pi Chapter spent a large portion of his summer giving back to others. Shawn Miller spent roughly a month in Haiti helping others who are less fortunate.With a budget of roughly $8,000 dollars fundraised through his church community, Shawn and team of 27 others were able to run a medical clinic for over 630 people and also put a roof on a widows house. The medical clinic was in downtown Cap Haitian, Haiti and the house was just outside the city, in the town of Berard Nord. Shawn and three other men worked with Haitian contractors and construction workers to complete the roof. The rest of the team which consisted of both nurses and other occupations went into the clinic everyday and helped people both physically and financially try to solve their ailments. With $5,500 dollars, they were able to purchase the American equivalent of $45,000 dollars in medication because of the strong value of the dollar compared to the Haitian currency. For two weeks there both served people and also learned a wealth of information about Haiti and the people there. 
Haiti is a proud nation in a very dark political and economical depression. The country is one of the most beautiful places in the world and as long as their are good people there trying to change the negative light, I will continue to return as I have faith Haiti will someday show its true colors. It is not all pirates and guns like many people think, there are good people who have great children who just want to work and provide for their families. They have nothing. If all I could ever bring them was hope, that would be enough reason to go back again. I am glad I got to make a positive impact on people I continue to see and befriend more every time I return." -Shawn Miller
On April 10th, Brother Matthew Horne and Brother Zane Bishop Johnson were inducted into the Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society. They were both invited to join this prestigious honor society for their superior academic performance within the History Department at Coastal Carolina University. 

Additionally, on April 22nd, Brother Matthew Horne was inducted into Order of Omega. This honor society is made up of the top 3% of greek community members based on academic achievements and involvement in organizations on and off campus.

Please help the Eta Pi Chapter congratulate these two gentlemen for their outstanding achievements. They have truly lived up to the values of being a Man of C.L.A.S.S.
As Coastal Carolina University continues to grow and flourish as a institution of higher learning, administration has been undertaking many new construction and renovation projects to accommodate increasing student enrollment. The most recently completed projects include: the Bryan Information Commons, Adkins Field House, two new academic buildings (Swain Hall & Brittain Hall), and the HTC Center. However, the University currently has multiple other projects under construction or in the planning phase. Currently under construction are expansions to the student center, new student housing (behind the HTC Center), and the current renovations taking place on the baseball and softball facilities. The most recent project to reach the construction phase, beginning in Spring 2014, includes renovations to Atheneum Hall. The University has put aside $2.5 million for the renovations, which will transform Atheneum Hall into a gathering place for returning CCU alumni.

In support of Coastal Carolina's renovations to Atheneum Hall, the Eta Pi Chapter has vowed to donate $30,000 over the next 5 years to help fund the project. In return for these monetary contributions, Pi Kappa Phi will receive naming rights on the patio that is also home to the Atheneum; the architectural symbol of Coastal Carolina University which is depicted in the University's seal and logo. This area will be named "Pi Kappa Phi Patio" and will have a rose garden with 8 rose bushes (one for each of the 7 original founders of Pi Kappa Phi, and one for Chad Michael Beaty who founded the Eta Pi Chapter). While the patio will be completed with the current renovations and finished in its first phase by 2015, it will not be dedicated until the Eta Pi Chapter celebrates its 25th year anniversary at Coastal Carolina in 2020. 

As the construction begins on Atheneum Hall, the active members of the Eta Pi Chapter would appreciate any donations toward our $30,000 goal from friends, family, and community members. 

If you would like to make a donation to the Pi Kappa Phi Patio Project or have any questions about the project, please contact one of the following:

Brian Forbus - 843 446 1697 (forbusbd@hotmail.com)

Kevin Hagen - 843 655 6446 (khagen@bofnc.com)

Eddie Bushong - 843 997 5332 (edski016@yahoo.com)

Please see the video below for renderings of the Pi Kappa Phi Patio.
The Nationwide 5K is an event that is being promoted by Pi Kappa Phi's national philanthropy, Push America, to raise money and awareness to provide disabled athletes with a way to live an active and healthy lifestyle. This event allows anyone to organize and raise money for a 5K race of their own and stand up for the abilities of all people.

Eta Pi Alumni Henry LaRosa will be organizing, raising money, and participating in a 5K of his own in Mount Sinai, NY on April 6, 2014. Even after graduating from Coastal Carolina University in 2011, Henry has stayed committed to supporting Push America in various ways. This will be Henry's second Push America Challenge event, having participated in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. in October of 2012. With the help of friends, family, and supporters of Push America's values, Henry was able to raise over $3,000 for Push America by running in the marathon. He completed the 26.2 mile run in just 3 hours 54 minutes and 30 seconds. 

Henry seeks your help in raising money for his own 5K event to enable all athletes to participate in recreational opportunities. Please visit the link below and donate to Henry's event supporting Push America.


On the evening of February 16, 2014, the lovely ladies of Gamma Phi Beta attended the Alpha Lambda Associate Member Class Pinning Ceremony. The ceremony began with the Alpha Lambda class taking their oath as an associate member of Pi Kappa Phi. After taking their oath, the new members lined up to receive their pins. The ladies in attendance were gracious enough to present each new member with their pin and place it on them to be worn with pride during their time as an associate member.

Alpha Lambda Associate Member Class
  • Matt Andre
  • Patrick Ballow
  • Joey Carr
  • Ronnie Coiro
  • Nathan Lively
  • John Patterson
  • Mike Phliponeau
  • Patrick Sullivan
  • Josh Squires

On February 8, 2014, the Eta Pi Chapter gathered at Coastal Carolina University to remember the life of Brother Chad Michael Beaty and the legacy that he has left behind. As the founder of the Eta Pi Chapter, the brothers of the fraternity host a memorial in his honor each year in February. This memorial honors the opportunity that Chad has given each member that joins the Eta Pi Chapter. Without Chad's outgoing personality, commitment, and perseverance, the Eta Pi Chapter, which is among the elite organizations at Coastal Carolina University, would cease to exist. Although the chapter holds a memorial each year, this year is special because it marks the 20th year since Chad's passing. 

Born on November 23, 1969, Chad Michael Beaty had one mission in life; to impact the lives of others. Chad attended Clemson University where he started his membership with Pi Kappa Phi. On August 23, 1991, Brother Chad M. Beaty ZA 124 was initiated into the Zeta Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, with the mentoring of big brother Rondal Johnson. After a short tenure at Clemson University, Chad transferred to Coastal Carolina in the Fall of 1992. Chad instantly became involved on campus at Coastal Carolina by becoming the Vice-President of Student Government Association and becoming a part of the ODK honor society. However, Chad did not stop there. With the help of several others, Chad brought Pi Kappa Phi to Coastal Carolina. The chapter held its first meeting in November 1993 in the Student Government office. Just months later, on February 8, 1994, Pi Kappa Phi was approved as an organization at Coastal Carolina. It was only one day later, February 9, 1994, that Chad tragically lost his life. On November 11, 1995, the Eta Pi chapter received its charter. Although Chad could not see the chapter he started receive its charter, it was made known at a Supreme Chapter meeting of Pi Kappa Phi in 1996 that Chad Michael Beaty was announced as the founder of the Eta Pi Chapter. While it was important for his hard work and dedication to creating the chapter be recognized, the brothers did not stop there. At Supreme Chapter in 2002, Chad was recognized at the 124th initiate of the Eta Pi Chapter. Chad's legacy lives on not only through the brothers of the chapter, but around Coastal Carolina University as well. Chad has University awards in his name, a victory bell tower outside Brooks Stadium erected in his name, and a memorial stone on Prince Lawn. 

After 20 years, the commitment, values, and dedication Chad exhibited still burns strong within the active brothers and alumni of the chapter. The members strive to emulate his attitude and actions in every aspect of their lives inside and outside of the fraternity. Brother Chaplain Isaac Galeone 251 was delighted to be assigned the task of planning and performing this years special memorial service. 

Beginning at the memorial stone on Prince Lawn, the brothers and alumni in attendance observed a moment of silence in honor of Chad. After a short walk to Blanton Park, Brother Isaac Galeone spoke about Chad and the impact he still has on the chapter today. 
"Even though the rain did not hold off for Chad's memorial service this year, we still all got out there to honor his memory and legacy. This marks twenty years since he passed away but he is still very much alive within in the men of Pi Kappa Phi. Though this was a somber event and emotions were visible as brothers took turns sharing memories, the Chapter's spirits were high knowing we had been part of something larger than ourselves." - Brother Chaplain Isaac Galeone 251
After giving his brief speech, Brother Isaac Galeone invited Brother James Dukes 003 to the stage. Brother James Dukes, who became very close with Chad during the founding of the Eta Pi chapter, shared some inspiring words and stories about Chad. Next, those in attendance took another short walk to the Chad M. Beaty Memorial Bell Tower by Brooks Stadium. It was at this point that brothers and alumni were allowed to share with the group the impact that Chad has made on their life. To conclude the memorial service, the group traveled to the gravesite of Chad in which each person placed a red rose on his grave.


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