On Saturday February 7th, the brothers and many alumni of the Eta Pi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi met at the center of Coastal Carolina’s campus.  The meaning of this meeting was to celebrate the life of Chad Michael Beaty, the founding brother of the Eta Pi chapter at CCU. The group met at the brick dedicated to Chad Michael Beaty on Prince Lawn where the service proceeded to the Chad Michael Beaty Memorial Bell Tower and ended at Chad's grave in Hillcrest Cemetery. 

After CCU separated from USC in 1993, Chad saw his opportunity and with the help of eight other gentlemen, Chad created an associate chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. After Chad's death on February 9th, 1995, caused by an automobile accident, the chapter continued on to be awarded a charter by the national organization of Pi Kappa Phi under the designation Eta Pi. The Brothers of the Eta Pi chapter later made a motion with the National Chapter to honor Chad Michael Beaty as the founder of the Eta Pi chapter and as the 124th initiate.  The National Chapter agreed and approved this motion.  The impact that Chad Michael Beaty has made will never be forgotten, as his vision of brotherhood lives every day through the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi at Coastal Carolina University.

Congratulations to the 13 (one missing from picture) men who accepted a bid from the Eta Pi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi!
Here's a nice edit of our first community service event of the new semester, cleaning up the college park area outside of Coastal's campus!
During the first weekend of this spring semester, seven representatives from the Eta Pi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity joined representatives from each fraternity and Sorority at Coastal Carolina University for the IMPACT retreat.  Each participant enjoyed the weekend at Oak Island on the outer edge of North Carolina.   Beginning Friday afternoon, the IMPACT team focused on teaching the students tools to use in difficult situations most Greeks on our campus run in to.  Students practiced skills focusing on teambuilding, confronting challenges, enabling others and modeling the way.

The retreat ended Sunday afternoon and students returned to Coastal Carolina University with improved skills to focus efforts into building each organization individually, and to build Coastal Carolina Greek life as a whole.

The Eta Pi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at Coastal Carolina University would like to thank the North-American Interfraternity Conference and leaders of IMPACT for a great weekend.  We would like to thank every other Greek organization at Coastal Carolina University for being part of this great experience.

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Fall 2014 IFC Recruitment Events


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Greek Kick-Off w/ Dr. Lori Hart # 
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HTC Center
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Prince Lawn
CCU- Woods Pavilion

All events denoted with a * are exclusively with the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
All events denoted with a # are events recruitment events sponsored by CCU Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

If you have any questions regarding any Recruitment Events, please contact our External Vice President, Dexter Maple, at 803-673-7051

For those interested in joining Pi Kappa Phi, please feel free to fill out the New Member Interest Form.
While many students across the nation enjoyed their summer months working or going on vacation, one brother of the Eta Pi Chapter spent a large portion of his summer giving back to others. Shawn Miller spent roughly a month in Haiti helping others who are less fortunate.With a budget of roughly $8,000 dollars fundraised through his church community, Shawn and team of 27 others were able to run a medical clinic for over 630 people and also put a roof on a widows house. The medical clinic was in downtown Cap Haitian, Haiti and the house was just outside the city, in the town of Berard Nord. Shawn and three other men worked with Haitian contractors and construction workers to complete the roof. The rest of the team which consisted of both nurses and other occupations went into the clinic everyday and helped people both physically and financially try to solve their ailments. With $5,500 dollars, they were able to purchase the American equivalent of $45,000 dollars in medication because of the strong value of the dollar compared to the Haitian currency. For two weeks there both served people and also learned a wealth of information about Haiti and the people there. 
Haiti is a proud nation in a very dark political and economical depression. The country is one of the most beautiful places in the world and as long as their are good people there trying to change the negative light, I will continue to return as I have faith Haiti will someday show its true colors. It is not all pirates and guns like many people think, there are good people who have great children who just want to work and provide for their families. They have nothing. If all I could ever bring them was hope, that would be enough reason to go back again. I am glad I got to make a positive impact on people I continue to see and befriend more every time I return." -Shawn Miller


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